Texas Hold'em Popularity Soars - Who'll Be The Next Millionaire?

Looking to catch some Poker action and watch Texas Hold'em on TV? Set the proverbial TV dial for a couple of these action packed all Poker empowering shows, and watch how winners interpret their hands!

The World Poker Tour

After this show was first aired back in 2003, it took no time before it became the Travel Channel's most watched show, and not without justification. There's some great Poker played on this show as they follow the WPT tournament events to different casinos all around the country, poker that will get players' hearts racing as they follow each and every hand. The show can be seen on several channels, including The travel Channel, GSN and Fox Sports.

ESPN - The World Series Of Poker

What better event to watch if wanting to watch Texas Hold'em on TV? Here is the biggest yearly Poker event on the calendar. Nowhere else can someone see such variety of games including Omaha and 7-card stud, as well as Hold'em played at the very highest level. The Main Event is the main draw, and everyone wants to see who will walk away with the multi-million dollar top prize, in it's no limit Hold'em Tournament.

Bravo - Celebrity Poker Showdown

This show has done much to promote the game of Poker just like the previous two shows. A whole new audience was captivated by the idea of seeing their favorite celebrity on TV playing a game totally unrehearsed and unscripted. Granted it might not make for the best Poker on TV, but the humor and banter between the 5 celebrities & Hosts is priceless.

There's no doubt about it, it's great to enjoy the game of Poker online playing on one's laptop and of course there's always the opportunity to walk away with some extra cash, who wants to say no to that!

Still, it's always good to give oneself a little breather and see how others apply their personal strategies, when one has no money of their own at risk. Watching Texas Hold'em on TV definitely still fills a role and offers inspiration as to what is truly possible, in terms of winning and also education. No one is too long in the tooth to claim that they know everything, are they!

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