More Poker Variations For you To Learn About

There are a lot of poker variations today which made the game more exhilarating than ever. However, when you ask some players today, they may only be knowledgeable about the most popular one - Texas Hold'em, which has also conquered even the mobile gaming platform. Aside from this one, there are still a lot of variants out there that would be worth your time and money. It is also better to equip yourself with knowledge about various variants since it will undeniably spell your doom if something you don't know gets called up by the dealer, which is why has created this page.

Before going on through the six poker variations to be tackled in this article, you should first research about the important terms that you must be knowledgeable about before even considering playing poker. Remember as well that the games are divided into three types: The stud where the player is dealt with 5 or 7 cards then he must come up with a winning hand from those; the draw game where a player is allowed to draw another 3 cards and replace three of the cards dealt to him to gain a better hand; and a community card game where hole cards are involved. These and many other casino games can be played for free without money. Simply visit an online casino directory such as where top-rated online casinos offer no deposit bonus and free spins bonuses.

The most popular poker variation as we all know is the Texas Holdem and here, players will be dealt with two hole cards and has the capability to choose three of five community cards to be revealed in order to make a winning hand. There's also the Omaha variant which is a Hold'em variant, but with a twist. In this variant, four hole cards are given to each players and 5 community cards are immediately revealed. However, the player must only get 2 from his hole cards and 3 from the community cards to complete his hand. 7-card Stud on the other hand is a stud game where 7 cards are dealt to players. 5-card Draw is a draw game where five cards are given to players. Finally there are two unique ones like the 'Follow the Queen' and the High/Low Chicago. All of these poker variations will definitely bring you the exciting experience you seek in a waging game.

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