What is the Poker Night at the Inventory Video Game?

In its years in the waging industry, poker had its fair share of evolution that made it more renowned today than ever with even a video game in its list of achievements entitled, Poker Night at the Inventory. From being a game played in brick-and-mortar establishments, to something you can play in front of the screen, it has now become a game incorporated with a plot - making it more exciting and more fun than ever. This game that has taken the industry by storm was released on 22nd of November, year 2010 by the prestigious corporation of TellTalree Games.

The development of TellTale started when the company has initiated a survey to fans whether their looking forward for a possible sequel to one of their most revered games at that time in the year 2009, TellTale Texas Holdem. On their way to develop a sequel for that, they didn't want to go for something cliché and the same as their previous creation which involved their own characters. Their employees chipped in ideas until they've come up with an idea to bring characters from other video games to make it more interesting and started the development from there.

Finally, the game was released on 2010 with four remarkable crossover characters which includes Strong Bad which is from the renowned 'Homestunner Runner', Heavy from the popular Team Fortress 2 game, Max who's from Sam and Max and finally, Tycho who's part of the webcomic, Penny Arcade. Poker Night at the Inventory will revolve around these characters versus you, the player. The game will start with another crossover character, Reginald from Screaming Narwhal, giving you an idea and background about the 'Inventory'. As you join the inventory, you'll be involved in a friendly initiation match against the four main characters and fight them in a Poker game of Texas Hold'em.

The game also packed some serious gameplay features and graphics that will bring the whole experience together. It has also been raved by many users and was critically acclaimed by various reviewers with a stunning score from IGN of about 8/10 and a 4/5 from GamePro. In fact, it was so successful that a sequel, 'Poker Night 2', had also made its way to the industry in 2013.

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